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    Classic Collection       PHP1,179.00

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    Experience the world of chocolate through our Classic Collection! Each box contains 2 pieces each of our hand made truffle and praline.

    Available Delivery Dates:

    22-MAY-2018 TUE (Nationwide)
    23-MAY-2018 WED (Nationwide)
    24-MAY-2018 THU (Nationwide)
    25-MAY-2018 FRI (Nationwide)
    26-MAY-2018 SAT (Nationwide)
    28-MAY-2018 MON (Nationwide)
    29-MAY-2018 TUE (Nationwide)
    30-MAY-2018 WED (Nationwide)
    31-MAY-2018 THU (Nationwide)
    1-JUN-2018 FRI (Nationwide)
    2-JUN-2018 SAT (Nationwide)
    4-JUN-2018 MON (Nationwide)
    5-JUN-2018 TUE (Nationwide)
    6-JUN-2018 WED (Nationwide)
    7-JUN-2018 THU (Nationwide)
    8-JUN-2018 FRI (Nationwide)
    9-JUN-2018 SAT (Nationwide)
    11-JUN-2018 MON (Nationwide)
    12-JUN-2018 TUE (Nationwide)
    13-JUN-2018 WED (Nationwide)
    14-JUN-2018 THU (Nationwide)
    15-JUN-2018 FRI (Nationwide)
    16-JUN-2018 SAT (Nationwide)
    18-JUN-2018 MON (Nationwide)
    19-JUN-2018 TUE (Nationwide)
    20-JUN-2018 WED (Nationwide)
    21-JUN-2018 THU (Nationwide)
    22-JUN-2018 FRI (Nationwide)
    23-JUN-2018 SAT (Nationwide)
    25-JUN-2018 MON (Nationwide)
    26-JUN-2018 TUE (Nationwide)
    27-JUN-2018 WED (Nationwide)
    28-JUN-2018 THU (Nationwide)
    29-JUN-2018 FRI (Nationwide)
    30-JUN-2018 SAT (Nationwide)


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